Air conditioning installation in Nice and French riviera

Expert Air Conditioner Installers Bringings You Air Conditioning Solutions. Offering air conditioner services in both English and French (climatisation).Whether it’s residential or commercial, our air conditioning installateurs in Nice, France are your go-to choice for superior climate control.

nettoyage climatisation maison

Services for Air conditioning installations in Nice French Riviera

We are a company that are expert on installations for air conditioning.We keep mentenance and install all kinds of air conditioning in houses on Nice and all the French Riviera.

Installations Air Conditioning​

Installations of daikin Air Conditioning and more brands like Mitsubishi air conditioning, Toshiba air conditioning, and so on. Our experts bring you the art of a good air conditioning.Get now your new ac inverter or reversible air conditioning. Discover the
heating and cooling of an air conditioner in French Riviera and Nice.

Maintenance air conditioner​

Discover the utmost comfort through our comprehensive maintenance air conditioner services. Our experts specialize in diligent air conditioning maintenance, offering meticulous AC care, thorough HVAC servicing, and prompt air conditioner repairs. Trust us to keep your indoor environment consistently refreshing and enjoyable


Charging air conditioning​

Efficient and Reliable: Experience Superior Cooling with Expert Air Conditioning Charging Services. Our skilled technicians offer precise air conditioning charging for optimal system performance. Ensure your comfort with AC refrigerant recharge and enhance overall cooling efficiency. Trust us for top-notch HVAC maintenance.

Air conditioning service repair

Expert in Solutions for Fixing Air Conditioning.Our experienced team specializes in prompt and reliable of air conditioning service repair and emergency air conditioning service is offering various solutions for AC problems. Trust us to efficiently restore your cooling system’s functionality with professional AC fixing. Count on our HVAC experts for thorough troubleshooting and effective cooling system solutions.


Treatment for air conditioning​

Revitalize Your System: Experience Enhanced Cooling with Specialized Treatment for Air Conditioning​ Efficiency. Our comprehensive services include expert air conditioning cleaning, preventive maintenance, and tailored solutions for AC performance boost. Trust us to optimize HVAC efficiency and provide meticulous cooling system care that ensures your lasting comfort.

Disinfection for air conditioning​

Pure and Refreshing: Elevate Indoor Air Quality with Expert Disinfection for Air Conditioning Systems. Our specialized services encompass thorough air conditioning sanitization and effective germ removal, creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment. Trust us to enhance indoor air quality through meticulous HVAC air conditioning disinfection for your ultimate peace of mind

Air Conditioner Replacement Services in the French Riviera

Air conditioner replacement services across Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, and Menton. Expert installations, energy-efficient models, and tailored solutions ensure your home or business stays cool.

Our Work​

We are installing different air conditioner brands

Air conditioner installers from Nice we install daikin, mitsubishi, panasonic, toshiba, gree and many more brands of air conditioners.We also install inverter air conditioner and we do maintenance on
split system air conditioner.Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will try to answer on your needs!

Other Services:

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