Electricity in nice and all French Riviera

Looking for an electrician in Nice?

Our services:

Realization of electrical installations in Nice and french riviera

  • Tailored
  • In new
  • In renovation
  • Individual homes
  • In group housing
  • For industrial buildings
  • For commercial buildings
  • Pour bâtiments agricoles
  • For interior
  • Outdoor

Pose of electrical installations

  • Switches
  • Electrical outlets
  • Luminaires
  • Breakers
  • Distribution boards
  • Electric instalation
  • Water instalation
  • Floor instalation
  • Ceiling instalations
  • Reception panels
  • TV antennas and satellite
  • Air conditionings
  • Ventilations
  • Electric columns
  • Electric columns of buildings
  • Electrical cabinets

Upgrading electrical installations

  • Protection of equipment against lightning
  • Getting to the electrical panel standards
  • Upgrading of electrical installations standards
  • Changing the terminals and defective switches
installation electrique a nice

Electrical installations in nice Cannes Antibes Monaco and all D’azur coast



Upgrading electrical installations

Protection of equipment against lightning

Electricity board compliance

Electrical installation standards

Change of defective sockets and switches

Wiring for electricity

  1. Computer cabling
  2. Wiring for television
  3. Telephone wiring
  4. Multimedia wiring
  5. Vdi cabling system


Other services for electrical installations



    1. Installation of electric lights
    2. Compliance of electrical installation
    3. Securing of electrical installations
    4. Electrical maintenance
    5. Maintenance of electrical installations
    6. Modifying electrical installations
    7. Replacement of electrical installation
    8. Installation of centralized aspirations


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