Installation and maintenance of air conditioning in nice and french riviera

An experienced heating technician, Nice Dépannage offers the installation and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation equipment for individuals in the Alpes-Maritimes (06).

installing air conditioning on nice French Riviera
fixing air conditioning

Air Conditioning Maintenance on the French Riviera

Reversible air conditioning maintenance is essential.Cleaning filters improves air quality and reduces the risk of infection (fungi, allergies, molds) Reduce the electrical consumption of air conditioning.
Cleaning filters air conditioning

Air Conditioning Maintenance Steps:

  1. Checking the refrigerant circuit’s tightness to prevent leaks.
  2. Tightening electrical connections.
  3. Monitoring pressures and temperatures.
  4. Dusting, cleaning, and disinfecting/treating filters.
  5. Ensuring absence of bacteria and fungi.
  6. Cleaning indoor and outdoor unit bodies.
  7. Verifying proper operation of the units.

Air Conditioning Disinfection in Nice, French Riviera

Clean the indoor unit of the air conditioner in Nice

Refrigerant appliances should undergo annual leak checks.

Regular cleaning is essential for optimal air conditioner performance.

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